Fire Extinguisher

Plymouth Volunteer Fire Department Roster (January 2017)


 Name Joined Certifications
Chief Scott Ryg FF1, EMT
Assistant Chief Jason Schmitt FF1, EMR
Fire Captain Brian Kenaga FF1, EMR
EMS Captain  FF1, Para


 Name Joined Certifications
Dan Berding July 2006 FF1
Dennis Borchardt June 2002 FF1, EMR
Mel Einertson 1970 FF1, EMR
Brian Kenega June 2002 FF1
Josh Kittleson July 8, 2013 FF1
Ben Knutson January 2007 FF1
Joey Knutson September 14, 2009 FF1
Nate Levan January 12, 2015 FF1
Eric Maki May 8, 2016 FF1, EMT
Gage Shafer July 8, 2013 FF1


 Name Joined
Zach Ryg January 10, 2017

History of the Plymouth Volunteer Fire Department

In July of 1912, the city purchased an Ajax chemical engine that was pulled by hand to fight fires. It held 50 gallons of water and had a 50-foot hose. The engine would be inverted, activating the soda acid water combination to force the water to squirt out of the hose. This unit had very high narrow set wheels that caused the unit to tip over easily.

The big 1925 Main Street fire prompted a bond issue in 1926 to purchase a hose cart. In 1927 a used American La France Model T fire truck was purchased from the city of Nora Springs. This Model T had a 50-gallon chemical engine with 300 feet of hose.

In 1947, a group of farmers paid $35 per share to purchase a Chevy pumper with a capacity of 500 gallons of water to fight farm fires. The city paid $1,200 and agreed to house and maintain the unit. The Plymouth Fire Department was organized with 21 members. In 1958 a fire barn was built to house the fire department's equipment. A new fire station was built in 2008.

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